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Rossella Visconti Custom Video

Custom ordered videos are filmed for you, not with you!
Average price range between $150 and $500

How it works is:
email me your full idea or fantasy, you can include some important
dialouge but please no long detailed scripts. Also you can include images.

The price will depend on:
Content (solo, masturbation, boy/girl, etc)
Difficulty (multiple scenes, location, props, extras etc)
Special request (hair, makeup, nails, wardrobe, etc)

Normally filming schedule is booked up to 5 weeks out

expedited 7 days tournaround for a fee of $40.00

Email me your idea at the email below and i will price it for you.
(please allow up to 5 days for reply)


Canon 5D Mark IV.

Professional lighting

Professional mic for Audio

1920×1080 MP4

4K for an additional $50.

Copyright Tagged

My videos are for your personal viewing ONLY.

Show your friends on your device, Please do not post or share online.

Download link delivered to the email you provided when completed

Recover any past paid custom video at no extra cost!

*To expedite the process, include our original correspondence/clip description in your email*


After payment your request is scheduled in my filming calendar 3 weeks out.

At 3 weeks, your video moves into the queue for filming. 5 – 10 days

Preperation time! I may email you with questions if needed.

Before 3 weeks is a good time to send me additional information..

Please add additions to the final original script highlighted.

I always want to deliver the video in the time frame I estimated.

But, occasionally a custom, for various reasons is passed due. Know that I do my best to get it delivered ASAP

I pride myself on quality and ability to produce a film as close to your request.

I care about each and every one of my films, so sometimes if Im just ‘not feeling it’, I wait to film.

I suggest waiting to email me for an update at the 4 week mark from your payment.

At that point I should know what day Im filming it or its already filmed and waiting to get edited.

I dont send update emails.

Im busy always ANSWERING emails and occupied with a dozen different tasks on a daily basis.

Once you’ve paid and we established your video is on the schedule,

the next time you will get an email from me is when Im delivering your video via a download link. (or if I have a question)

Write here your request video

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