Big Ass Blonde Fucks On First Date

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Big Ass Blonde Fucks On First Date

Today I am hooking up with a local girl here in Pisa Italy. An Italian/Czech blonde named Rossella. We have been sexting for a week now and when she has sent me some naughty selfies. I just had to meet her. So we met up for our date and had a coffee. What a sweet friendly girl with a sexy Italian accent. I really liked her and we hit it off right away. With these first dates chatting and lots of flirting gets me where I want to be. I asked to take some pictures of her around the city and she said yes. We walked around taking a few photographs and I sure was liking what I saw. Mmm I just had to know if this Big Ass Blonde Fucks on first date!Read less

Headed back to my apartment to get my pro-camera and supposedly go out taking pictures again. But I had other devious plans. Then I laid on the charm thick and started taking pictures of Rossella in the room. She was very relaxed and enjoying herself so I made my move. Guys what an amazing big ass! And she loved me taking so many pictures of her big butt. Yeah just another naughty girl pretending to be all shy and innocent.

And sure enough she had no bra or panties on! This Date Slam was heading right when I planned. Soon I had a ‘Tower of Pisa’ in my pants and she wanted to see it. Rosella looked at my dick like it was a candy stick and she was hungry, very hungry! Damn this girl was horny for dick. What an amazing fuck – she liked it hard and fast cumming over and over while I pumped that blonde pussy. Got her to speak Italian while jerking me off which got me so excited I shot my load right in her mouth.

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