Wife Ignoring her husband

Wife Ignoring her husband

Finally my free day arrived and I got along with my friend Sofia, we go to shopping. I prepare myself, I want to be beautiful, because I do not often go out.
I have a lot of tricks and so today I want to do a nice make-up, beautiful red cheeks highlighted with a little blush and mouth with pink / purple lipstick.
I often imagine that when I’m out with my friend, maybe someone can look at me and imagine dirty things. To make me even more attractive and highlight my hard-boiled ass on which I’ve been working for months with specific exercises, I decided today to wear my white shorts that come in the middle of the ass, a nice short shirt that shows off my tummy tanned and of fishnet seamed stockings. Finally I put a nice pair of golden shoes with high heels. Finally I feel satisfied with my appearance, now just wait my friend.

I’m waiting for her on the couch, watching TV, but at a certain moment my pig husband arrives.
What a mess, right now that I’m happy to go out, he gets to break the boxes! I begin to ask something, but I only listen to half, I do not really care what he says, now I’m on the other side. At one point he takes my hand and also pretends I’ll make a saw! But as you do, I have to go out, I’m all pretty settled, I have to check things on my phone, on TV there is the news and he wants a saw! But he’s right, it’s been months since we have sex, maybe I could satisfy him, but right now …. Well, I still have a couple of minutes before my friend arrives, so I hope she’ll be quick and do not ask too much of me, I have to concentrate on what I was doing … I saw her while I read my emails, and watch the news , and at some point I get the message from my friend, she arrived !!! I could not wait, but he has not finished yet, he must really hurry, I can not wait for my friend.

Maximum two minutes and I have to go … but finally says that is about to come … .but wait wait, not want to come on me, I do not have time for his fantasies and then go clean … fast fast, give me a handkerchief and cum on that ….

But nooooo, that damn husband has made a two meters splash, He splashed on the stockings and even on the shirt, now I have to waste time to change and I have to wait for my friend again! I swear I’ll do it next time in a few months.

Rossella Visconti
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